attended a class on Infant Massage.  They were very excited about it, as the baby had responded well and they thought it would be a great new adventure for me and would likely compliment my existing Massage Practice.  They also said it would give me a major baby fix (good point).


It has been an amazing journey; the international training that I have received was intense and informative.  I am learning so much from these little beings, their parents and grandparents. I have a personal mission to encourage bonding and nurturing one baby at a time.  The benefits are abundant. It is another tool in a parent's treasure trove to use and to enjoy. I am hopeful in being a part of your Infant Massage experience.


About Me

To enhance the parent or caregiver and infant relationship through Infant Massage. I wish for every infant and their families to experience the lifelong benefits of deep connectivity and the development of a healthy body, mind and spirit that comes with early bonding  through  nurturing touch.

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My name is Jo Ann Tripp.  I am a practicing Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) as well as a wife, mother of two grown sons and a grandmother of one incredible little grandson.


When Finlay (my grandson) was born in New Zealand, I went to stay with them for a few weeks.  While I was there I would routinely massage the baby, which I found would relax him a bit (Mommy and Daddy too). Not long after I returned to the States, my kids called me and told me how they had

JoAnn’s infant massage is a wonderful experience! Each session gives me a real sense of deep bonding with my son. JoAnn’s instructions are clear and informative, and she explains how each stroke relates to functions in the body. Do yourself and your baby a favor and call JoAnn for an infant massage – you will love the experience!

                              ~Pat B.

Jo Ann has a very calm demeanor. She listens really well and answered questions with ease. Infant Massage is fabulous.

                                          ~Kristen H.

I really liked Jo Ann"s teaching style-it made us relaxed. She was easy to understand and follow. She welcomed the questions and was encouraging. Great class! One that we will be able to use the skills we learned for years to come.

                            ~Shelby L.